Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Wifes First Time

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What precipitated the following incident was my not being able to maintain an erection for the past few years due to a medical problem. I can get an erection, but by the time I'm ready to penetrate my wife my penis goes limp, thus creating her frustration.

My wife and I went on vacation to Florida with our best friends, Roger and his wife. The first day there Roger and I drank quite a few drinks while our wives were out shopping. By the time they came back to the house we were feeling no pain and we were sitting in the hot tub. My wife joined us in the hot tub and she had a drink also, Roger's wife just sat at the edge of the pool watching us frolic. After my wife's third drink Roger and I removed our bathing suit to see what her reaction would be. Well Roger's wife got really upset and went into the house. As Roger's wife did this I looked over at my wife and to my awe she was starring down at Roger's penis which seemed to be quite large. I said to my wife, "are you enjoying yourself", with that she laughed and said, "yes I am, thank you". Well it was then that I started to get an erection thinking that she might be persuaded to participate in my all time fantasy. I have always wanted her to have sex with another man while I watched, but she would never hear of it.

This is when I thought I could take advantage of her friendship with Roger to convince her to share in my fantasy. I then looked at Roger and motioned for him to see what my wife was looking at. Roger's face when from a goofy smile to a man who was delighted that another woman, other than his wife was enjoying his manhood. I then tried to coax my wife into removing her bathing suit. Roger also joined me in the hopes she would remove it to. She teased us for a bit by lowering her straps on the top of her bathing suit, but then said, "no, I better not, your wife would be mad at all of us then". Her statement led me to believe she might have removed her suit if Roger's wife wasn't around. I then said, "well, we could try this later tonight when she goes to bed"; to my delight, both my wife and Roger nodded yes to my statement.

Again to my astonishment my wife did not say, no, she just said, "I think I better go in now". Well I was elated by my wife's reaction, so I figured I would test Roger when my wife left. I then said to Roger, "maybe we will get to see a little skin tonight if we play our cards right". Roger said, "no, I don't want to interfere with you and your wife having a good time". I then took a deep breathe and said, "don't worry about it, it's her all time fantasy to be nude with man other than myself". Roger looked stunned as he said, "what do you mean", I said, "one night she confided in me that her fantasy would be to strip for another man". Roger again repeated himself and said, "what do you mean", I said, "duh, she gets horny thinking about stripping for men". Roger then said, "do you think she will really remove her suit tonight". I said, "if your wife is in bed, if my wife has two drinks and if I give her the nod, yes"! Well Roger's wife is always in bed about 9:00 p.m. every night so I knew that my plan might just work. Well, about 9:47 that night Roger and I were in the hot tub, without our suits while my wife sat in a chair next to the pool. I egged Roger on to asking my wife to join us in the pool. It took very little taunting from Roger before my wife to join us. After she had two more drinks, and having me check to make sure that Roger's wife was sleeping she stunned me by lowering the top of her suit. From the minute she did this I knew she was horny, her nipples looked hard as a rock.

After a few minutes of laughter I put my hand between her legs and began to rub her. To my delight she slid down a little ways in the hot tub and gave out a slight moan. This is when Roger said, "maybe I should leave", I then smiled at my wife and said, "what do you think, should he go". I knew it had been over two years since my wife experienced an all out orgasm, so I was hoping she would say okay. Well to my awe, she said, "if it's okay with you, Roger can stay". Well the look on Roger's face was one of delight, especially since he could see what I was doing. I then said, "can I get anyone else a drink". Both Roger and my wife said, yes, and as I began to get out of the hot tub I grabbed Rogers hand and put it on my wife's leg and said, "you keep her happy while I'm gone". As I stood up I could see Roger rubbing her kneecap, I then leaned back in the tub and slid his hand half way up my wife's leg. Well, when I did this my wife slid further down into the tub, when she did this Roger's hand was now practically on her vagina.

She then laid her head back on the edge of the hot tub and let out another little moan. I smiled at Roger and said, "watch yourself, she gets wild when she's had a few drinks". When my wife did this I knew she was ready for anything, and hopefully that would be my fantasy, to watch her with Roger as they play with each other. My wife looked at me as I walked away; I smiled at her and motioned to get closer to Roger. To my delight, she moved over closer to him as I walked into the house. I took a while to get the drinks and I kept peering out to see if his hand was still on her leg. They were not saying a word to each other, but I knew something was happening because my wife's head was still leaned back as if she was enjoying the experience. When I brought the drinks back I said, "I'm tired, I think I will call it a night". Both Roger and my wife looked at me in shock as I said this, my wife then said, "maybe I should go with you". Well when she said to word "maybe", I knew she really didn't want to go so I said, "no, I want you to stay, enjoy yourselves, I'll see you in the morning". With that Roger looked at me as if to say, what should I do, I then motioned to him to stay. As I left the pool area I shut out the lights so the only light they had on was in the pool. Well to my disappointment my wife came into the bedroom a few minutes later. I asked her why she left the hot tub, she said, "it's not right, I do like Roger, but his wife is my friend and she is just two rooms away".

When I heard her say this I knew if Roger's wife wasn't in the house she might have stay with Roger. Well the next day I got the opening I needed, Roger's wife said she wanted to spend the night with her mother who lived two towns away. Well Roger said, "you know I have problems with her, do I have to go". His wife delighted both Roger and myself when she said, "no, she only has the one bedroom so there is really no room for you anyway. Roger can't stand his mother-in-law so I said, "well, seeing you want to do that, I can drop you off and I can go visit with my sister". Roger's wife then agreed with me, that afternoon as we were about to leave, my wife approached me and said, "do you really want me to be alone with Roger". I then said to her, "do you mind being alone with Roger", she responded by saying, "no, you know I like him, but considering what happened last night do you think it's alright". It was then that I realized this was her way of asking me if it was okay to go into the hot tub with him again. I then said, "you know I love you, but there are some things I can't do for you, right". She then looked flabbergasted by my statement and said, "are you saying what I think you are saying". I then said, "I want you and Roger to enjoy yourselves while we are gone, I mean, really enjoy yourselves, do you know what I mean".

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